DACOR Internet Services

Internet Access Agreement

Subscription agreement of DACOR Internet LLC, hereinafter referred to as "DACOR."

I agree to abide by all policies and follow all procedures of DACOR.  If I violate any policy, I understand that I am subject to possible account revocation at the discretion of DACOR.

I agree to release DACOR, its agents and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims of any nature arising from my use or inability to use or access the facilities of DACOR' Internet Services or any facility to which it is connected.

I agree that DACOR will not be liable for any indirect, special incidental, exemplary, consequential, or other money damages, including but not limited to lost profits or damages for loss of data or information, delay, non delivery, or misdelivery or service interruption of any kind, however caused, arising out of or in connection with the use of provision of the connection of the Internet, whether based on contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not DACOR has been made aware of the possibility of those damages.

I agree that if legal action is ever taken against DACOR, the Ohio courts and/or the Federal Circuit Court of the United States of America of which Ohio is a member will have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal actions.  I will not use DACOR facilities to commit or encourage illegal activities of any sort.

I agree to assume all risk as to the use of DACOR' Internet Services.

Each customer will have an account on the system.  I understand that this account is for my exclusive use.

I am responsible for usage related to my account and am expected to take responsible actions to keep my password confidential.  If I believe my password has been acquired by someone else, I will make DACOR aware of this via the quickest means possible (email or telephone) so a new password can be assigned or the account temporarily closed for my protection as well as DACOR.

As with information posted by all DACOR customers, advertising by business subscribers must comply with the other policies and standards of DACOR. 

I agree to lawfully use the facilities of DACOR, especially in the areas of copyrights, trademarks servicemarks and trade secrets.

I agree to act responsibly and respect fellow subscribers as well as members of the global Internet community.  I understand that information found on the DACOR computer system and the larger Internet may present points of view contrary to my own.  The posting of inflammatory or harassing messages or content which others find offensive may hinder the mission of DACOR and interfere with other subscribers' use of the DACOR computer system.

I understand that DACOR neither approves nor disapproves of content, topics, subject matter, or points-of-view of individuals or groups using the DACOR computer system.

I will comply with Internet etiquette regarding e-mail including properly identifying the originator of any message.

I will not attempt to impersonate another subscriber.

I will refrain from the use of e-mail for any purpose that is not consistent with the policies of DACOR and/or the Internet.

Payment terms are "due upon receipt" of the monthly billing notice. It is agreed that I will incur a carrying charge of 1.5% per month, or 18% per annum if payment is received after the calendar month of the billing.  I understand that DACOR has the right to suspend service the following month or terminate services after 45 days of nonpayment under this agreement.  Such suspension or termination will not impair DACOR' right to receive, or my obligation to make, payment for all services rendered prior to suspension or termination.

I understand that if I fail to notify DACOR before the end of  the month that I wish to terminate my service, I will be liable for payment for the following month of service.   I further understand, if I'm a DSL customer, that I must notify DACOR to terminate DSL service and that simply stopping my phone service does not constitute notification to DACOR of my desire to also terminate DSL service.  I understand that in case of dispute, the official service termination date is the date of receipt of my written request for service termination or a date there after supplied in my written notice.

I understand that a return check fee will be added to the previously owed balance in the event a check is returned.  I will also be responsible for any fees which may accumulate in the event the balance is not paid in full by the due date.

I understand that DACOR maintains the right to send any negligent customer balance to a third party for collection, and all fees accumulated thereof are the sole responsibility of the customer.

These rules and all services and prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

I have read and agree with the above statements and with the DACOR Internet policies and procedures.

Signature, date