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Welcome to DACOR Computer Systems' electronic application form.   We appreciate the opportunity to provide Internet service to you.   Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the application.


  • Before You Start:

  • How It Works:

    • If you are a current customer you will be asked to identify yourself by username/password.
    • You'll be given a list of available Internet Connection Services along with Other Services. Choose a Connection and/or any of the Other services and Submit your request.
    • You will be given a Service Price Quote prorated to the end of the current month. Accept this qoute to continue the order process or press the Change button to change your request.
    • You will be asked to supply information needed to activate or update your account. Enter at least the required fields as noted below. When you Submit this information it will be verified before you can Proceed.
    • If the verification is completely successful you will be given the option to submit your order. You may stop at this time without obligation. Credit Card orders will be processed by the next business day, all others will be held for payment.
  • Required Fields*:

    • Name (ADSL applications, this should be the Phone Service Billing Name)

    • Company Name (Web Site Applications and/or Company Bill-To)

    • Address Line 1

    • City, State, Zip

    • Home or Work Phone (ADSL applications: include the Phone Number you want that service activated on)

    • Fax Number (Web Site Applications)

    • User name (your choice, but subject to availability <8 characters, letters & numbers>)

    • Password (CaSe sEnSiTiVe, letters & numbers only <14 characters>)

  • Billing:

    • Monthly billing is by Email. A $1.00/month postage & handling fee is charged for billing by US Mail.

    • Services can be activated automatically with a credit card.

    • If service is activated by credit card, monthly service fees will be billed to that credit card unless otherwise noted on the application.

    • Cash or Check activation will be made upon receipt of payment.

    • Service charges are prorated from the date of activation to the end of the current month.

    • Services are billed at the beginning of the month for that month and are due before the end of the month.

    • ADSL New customer requests are billed the set-up charge immediately and a prorated service charge from the estimated date that the service becomes active. This may be adjusted should there be an undue delay in activation.

For Internet Access Services, please supply the following information:
Check all that apply  
It is
It is NOT
a local call from my location to Bowling Green, Ohio
Frontier logo My phone company is Frontier (Verizon),
my location is within the 419 area code,
and my phone line qualifies for DSL service
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