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DACOR Internet, LLC (hereinafter "DACOR") will provide the connection to the Internet, the e-mail account, and the web service. The customer will provide the computer, the software, web page content, the modem, and the phone line connection. See Internet Service Pricing.

DACOR dial-up accounts allow for one dial-up connection per username. DACOR strongly recommends that the customer not share their password with anyone.

DACOR assigned static IP addresses are for the exclusive use of the customers they are assigned to. Any unauthorized use of an IP address constitutes a theft of services from the customer it is assigned to. Any connection found using an unauthorized IP address is subject to immediate suspension and possible termination. Reconnection fees and possible prosecution may be imposed.

DACOR does not restrict dial-up session times, but reserves the right to require upgrade to dedicated dialup service level if usage is excessive. If a connection is completely idle for 30 continuous minutes the connection will be dropped by our server. Special software or connection settings designed to defeat the idle time-out are prohibited.

DACOR will make every effort to notify all of our customers via e-mail for any scheduled downtime by us or our service partners. There may be a few rare exceptions when DACOR will not be able to notify you of downtime because of circumstances beyond DACOR' control. In these unfortunate instances, DACOR will follow-up by sending e-mail to our customers with an explanation if appropriate.

DACOR does not restrict personal e-mail. However, spamming and bulk e-mail are strictly prohibited. ("Spamming" refers to the act of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail. Bulk e-mail is defined as a high volume of messages.) If a person is suspected of spamming or sending bulk e-mail, their account will be immediately suspended. DACOR will reactivate the account after a discussion with the offending party. However, further violations will result in account termination with no refund. DACOR reserves the right to charge customers for any and all costs incurred by DACOR as a result of customer's spamming and/or bulk e-mail activity.

DACOR is not responsible for any material that is posted to a web page that infringes upon copyrights, trademarks, and other liabilities. DACOR will work with law enforcement officials and will release information that is necessary for any investigations. If DACOR notices abuses, DACOR will promptly notify the subscriber(s). Upon notification, immediate corrective action should be taken by the subscriber(s) or DACOR, Inc. will suspend the account(s). The parties involved are responsible for charges that accrue while the account is suspended. Some web sites host adult and/or inappropriate material on the Internet. DACOR is not responsible for the material on any of these sites. DACOR reserves the right to suspend home page(s) and/or account(s) that distribute material(s) in violation of the law.

DACOR's free technical support extends to configuring and maintaining Internet access, e-mail accounts, and web pages. Problems which develop after these services have been set-up and demonstrated operational that are demonstrated to be at the customer's end of the connection may be billable. All other issues are billable at our prevailing technical services rates. DACOR fees for Internet services continue to accrue through any period of service outage for any cause unless a written request for suspension or termination of that service is received from the customer. Email cancellation requests are not valid unless acknowledged by DACOR. DACOR is not responsible for damage to a computer caused by downloading software (via the Internet) which contain viruses.

DACOR's Payment Policy: Customers will be sent an statement via electronic e-mail prior to the 5th day of each month; payment in full on the account is due and payable on or before the 15th day of the same month. Customers requiring a printed statement of account or invoice are subject to a surcharge. Charges incurred due to additional usage or services will be billed with the next month's fee. DACOR reserves the right to suspend accounts if payment has not been received.

DACOR Computer Systems, Inc. maintains the right to send any negligent customer balance to a third party for collection, and all fees accumulated thereof are the sole responsibility of the customer.

In the event a check is returned, a returned check fee will be added onto the balance previously owed, and the customer will be responsible for said fees and any other finance charges accrued.

Person(s) applying for service must be 18 years of age or older. Minors can be authorized to use this service with the consent of an adult. It is the adult's responsibility to ensure that the bill is paid in a timely manner. Person(s) giving false or unverifiable contact infomation will not be granted service. Person(s) providing fradulent credit card information will be reported to authorities.

Some web sites charge access fees and/or sell products and/or services. These fees are not imposed by DACOR but by the party hosting the web site. Charges incurred by visiting such a web site and/or purchases that are made are the sole responsibility of the subscriber.

DACOR is not responsible for additional fees charged by phone companies because of long distance calls and/or additional services, such as ISDN. Questions/concerns with a subscriber's phone bill should be handled directly with the subscriber's phone company.

Cancellations must be received in writing/e-mail before the end of the current month and all fees for the current month are due and payable upon termination. Upon receipt of cancellation, the user's account, e-mail account, and web page will be discontinued. The customer will receive notification once this has been disabled. A $10.00 fee to re-activate the account may apply.

There are no partial credits for termination prior to the end of the current month. If services are paid at the published yearly price, you are agreeing keep the service for a year. DACOR is not responsible for any change in your circumstances that might prevent you from using the service for the full term.


Fees are subject to change without notice.